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Miracle Details
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Toll Free: (949) 478-0394
Fax: (877) 507-1608

Hours of Operation:
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Contact Us:
General Inquiry


International Detailing Association

Proudly Serving:
Orange County
Los Angeles County
San Diego County
Inland Empire

Executive Wash

$25-35 ORDER NOW

Our detailed wash includes a very detailed cleaning on the interior and exterior. We clean door jams and other areas that are not touched with a hand wash or drive through car wash. Interior is cleaned with a detailed vacuum and cleaning of the seats, dashboard, console, cup holders and trunk are cleaned; interior and exterior windows cleaned; express wax.

Executive Wash and Wax


Executive wash with high grade wax that conditions; cleanse rims; long lasting UV protectant on tires; windows interior and exterior

Executive Wash and Clay Wax


Executive wash with clay bar contamination removal process; environmental fall out protection package (two steps);vacuum interior, wipe down seats, console and dashboard, long lasting UV protection on tires

Executive Wash and Wax plus Complete Detail


Complete Package – clay bar contamination removal; wax, environmental fall out protection package (two step process on exterior)cleaning windows exterior and interior; cleanse shampoo carpets, seats, dashboards and console. Clean trunk; Clean air vents withdetail brush;

Executive Wash and Wax Plus Extreme Detail


Extreme Package – executive wash; clay bar contamination removal process; environmental fall out protection package (five step process on exterior); deep polish on paint; scratch remover on the paint; paint sealant; several layers of paste wax; glaze; reconditioning of metal; detail of engine; polish and clean rims, tires and wheel wells and use long lasting UV protectant on wheels. Pretreat and shampoo carpets and seats; cleanse and treat any leather dashboards, seats and other interior surfaces; clean trunk and glove compartment; detail air vents with detail brush

Executive Wash Plus Full Interior


Interior Complete – pre-treat, cleanse and shampoo carpets; pretreat and cleans seats, dashboard, console, headliner; cleaning of entire interior to maximum condition.

Executive Wash Plus Exterior Restorative


Exterior Restorative – 9 step process including detailed wash; contamination removal; 2 compound process; polish; 2 stage wax process; glaze

The Infinity Plan


-$15 per month.
-50% of any service (other than a wash) anytime (limit 2 services per month.)
-25% off referrals for first time visit(No Limit)

The Silver Plan


-$44 per month.
-Every 3 weeks Executive Wash
-1 Custom Detail every 9 weeks (alternationg between Interior/Exterior Services)
-1 Full Detail per year

This plan is valued at $1,275/year (or $106/month)
A total of 17 Executive Car Washes, 5 Custom Details1 Full Detail

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